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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections in Newport Beach, CA

With regenerative treatments rising in popularity, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is becoming increasingly popular as a filler alternative or additive. At European Wellness Cosmedical in Newport Beach, California, Britta Wetteskind, RN, can boost the volume in your face naturally using PRP from your own body. To find out more about the substance and its uses, call European Wellness Cosmedical, or book an appointment online today.



What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an injectable liquid substance with many beneficial properties that come straight from your own body. Before you get a treatment using PRP, Britta draws a sample of your blood. She places the sample in a spinning device called a centrifuge, where it twirls for 10-5 minutes. The spinning causes your blood to separate into different layers, each containing a high concentration of a specific component. One of those layers consists of only these two parts of your blood:


Platelets are the parts of your blood responsible for clotting and scabbing. Furthermore, they release growth factors that aid in new tissue growth. They heal damaged tissues within your body after injuries and wear-and-tear.


Plasma is the liquid part of your blood that helps the cells and platelets flow through your vessels. It also makes PRP a liquid that is easy to inject. 

What does PRP do?

At European Wellness Cosmetics, Britta uses the PRP she gets from your blood to give you a PRP face-lift. As you age, your skin loses volume and hydration. This process makes your skin look wrinkled, and you may even look older than you are. 

During a PRP face-lift, Britta injects PRP back into your face strategically to add volume and aid in tissue healing. The treatment restores volume and shape to your face without using traditional gel-like fillers. It makes you look more youthful and hydrated.

Because of the healing properties of your platelets, the results are long-lasting and natural-looking. If you want more drastic results, you can ask Britta about combining your PRP with Juvéderm, a popular hyaluronic acid filler. The effects last for six months to one year or longer. 

Why should I consider using PRP in my treatments?

Platelet-rich plasma is an excellent option for aesthetic treatments because the substance comes from your own body. This means that there is little to no chance of side effects from PRP itself because your body won’t reject it as a foreign substance. 

PRP helps your tissues regenerate themselves instead of simply adding artificial volume that diminishes with time. While your results still aren’t permanent and PRP can’t stop the natural aging process, it can help rebuild some of the tissue wear-and-tear caused by aging. 

If you’d like to learn more about PRP and PRP face-lifts, call European Wellness Cosmedical or book your consultation online today.