NovoTHOR Time Machine!

As our bodies age, our cells become less efficient resulting in the dreaded condition we call again. At European Wellness we are well known for aesthetic treatments that help you look your best at any age, and we have added the NovoTHOR Light Pod to our offerings because of the amazing anti-again benefits experienced with just a few 15 minute treatments.

As the most powerful total body photobiomodulation device on the market, NovoTHOR bathes your entire body in very specific wavelengths of light (660nm Red, and 850nm near-infrared) to stimulate the production of ATP and reduce oxidative stress(free radicals) at the cellular level. Basically, this counteracts the natural aging of our cells, resulting in increased collagen production for your skin and reduced inflammation and pain in your muscles and joints. Not only will you look younger, but just as important you will feel younger!

Built by THOR Photomedicine, the NovoTHOR bed leverage’s their background as a medical equipment company with over 20 years experience in Photobiomodulation (PBM) to deliver maximum benefits. I have personally attended their education workshop teaching the science and it is amazing the number of medical applications using PBM to heal people and relieve pain. People from world class athletes to chronic pain sufferers, as well as a long list of celebrities use PBM to be their best.

Make this part of your beauty and wellness program with just 3, 15-minute relaxing sessions per week. Introductory Pricing for European Wellness Clients $299 monthly membership. Includes unlimited Monday Through Friday sessions plus one to pay forward. A package can be shared with your significant other. $99 for 3.

To book or find out more about NovoTHOR Light Pod, call us at (888) 706-1245.

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