VIP Membership:

$325 monthly
Choose 1 of the following per month: 35 units botox, 1 syringe of filler, 1 laser, 2 facials monthly
Every 3 months: earn an Extra $25 off coupon. Plus lots of club extras and specials! Earn Wellness Bucks when you refer a new client who receives a service of $200 or more and 15% off all other services

Yearly $99 membership fee

Hydrafacial and Peel Membership:

$150 monthly
Includes: 1 Hydrafacial or Peel per month AND 1 booster serum of your choice for Hydrafacials. Every 3 months in your plan you’ll receive an additional FREE booster or serum AND 15% off all other services

Yearly $75 membership fee

Platinum Membership:

$500 Monthly 30% off all services unlock incredible value
Every 3 months accrue $150 in Free services- this can be gifted

Yearly $75 membership fee

Membership dollars accrue monthly on services that are not redeemed and do not expire.

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