PRP Facelift

Revive the Natural Structure of Your Skin.

If you notice your face lacking the fullness and structure it once had, our PRP Facelift may be just the treatment for you. Water volume under the surface of the skin decreases over time, leaving less structure and shape to the face. Our PRP Facelift works to restore the shape and texture of your face with natural fillers.

This treatment works by drawing a standard lab test amount of your own blood and putting it through a process that separates the platelets from the rest. The platelet-rich plasma is then activated to release 8 essential growth factors, which help to shape, repair and strengthen the skin.

Get this natural treatment that helps the face stay still and regenerate over the course of six months to a year. It can be combined with fillers like Juvederm for more instant results. The PRP Facelift also works to restore skin with acne scars.


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